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Inos SinmaThe company "INOS SINMA" AD is engaged in processing-recycling, commerce and provision of services. It operates as shareholding company whose controlling shareholder is the company “Dijamant-Vidić” d.o.o. Uzice.

The company "INOS SINMA" AD was founded under the name “Otpad” (scrap-yard) in 1951.

Basic business activity of the Company is collection/ purchase & recycling of and trade in metal scrap – secondary raw materials, concerning especially ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as non-metallic scrap. Along with this, the company deals with ordinary commodities.

The whole recycling process of secondary raw materials is performed in accordance with the highest ecological standards in terms of environmental and natural resources protection.

Nowadays, "INOS SINMA" AD is one of the leading companies in this field, with 140 employees and extensive scrap collection network on the territory of Republic of Serbia and Republic Srpska, performing activities by own means and modern equipment suitable for versatile recycling and conversion stages.

As far as personnel and technical readiness is concerned, "INOS SINMA" AD is completely prepared for market competition and preservation of leading position in the field of recycling of secondary raw materials.

Perspective of "INOS SINMA" AD is based on general orientation of the society to establish balance between volumes and structures of waste occurrence and its re-use. Introduction of new technologies inevitably leads to development of new products, accompanied by simultaneous scrap generation.

"INOS SINMA" AD follows these processes, develops own capacities and modernizes equipment in order to increase recycling volumes of secondary raw materials at the highest technological level. INOS SINMA AD Sevojno is founder and owner of:

  • Limited liability company "SINMA PROMET" doo Visegrad, Republika Srpska, which performs the same business activity as parent company and possesses Licence for scrap management No.1504-962-70/11 dtd 03.10.2011, issued by Ministry of physical planning, civil engineering and ecology from Banja Luka, and
  • Limited liability company "SINMA FASAU" doo Uzice, whose business activity is light metals casting and manufacturing of plumbing fittings, shower units, taps, plumbing valves, etc.